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This is the home page of the UConn EEB department's Systematics Seminar (EEB 6486). This is a graduate seminar devoted to issues of interest to graduate students and faculty who make up the systematics program at the University of Connecticut.

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Meeting time and place

For the Fall 2013 semester, we are meeting in the Bamford Room (TLS 171B) Mondays 2-3pm

Monday, 26 August 2013

At this meeting we will discuss possible themes for this semester's seminar:

Monday, 2 September 2013

Labor Day, no meeting

Monday, 9 September 2013

Elizabeth Jockusch will lead the discussion this week.

We will follow up on Emily Lemmon's visit by discussing her methods paper on anchored enrichment.

  • Lemmon AR, Emme SA, Lemmon EM. 2012. Anchored hybrid enrichment for massively high-throughput phylogenomics. Syst Biol. 61(5):727-44. link

Monday, 16 September 2013

Lily Lewis will lead the discussion this week

Since cichlids came up last week, it may be fun to read a cichlid RAD-seq paper:

Wagner et al. 2013. Genome-wide RAD sequence data provide unprecedented resolution of species boundaries and relationships in the Lake Victoria cichlid adaptive radiation. Molecular Ecology 22(3):787-798 link

Here is a link to a supplementary paper folks may be interested in for an overview of the applications of RAD-sequencing (or at least those conceived of thus far):

Davey, J. W., and M. L. Blaxter. 2010. RADSeq: next-generation population genetics. Briefings in Functional Genomics 9(5-6):416-423 link

Here is a link to a protocol for RAD-seq library prep, just in case anyone is interested:

Etter, P. Sequenced RAD markers for rapid SNP disovery and genetic mapping. link

Finally, here is a PowerPoint concatenation of a few figures from various papers laying out how the RAD-seq process works. This may be a helpful supplement for understanding the methods in the cichlid paper link

Monday, 23 September 2013

Paul Lewis will lead the discussion this week.

Salichos L., and Rokas A. 2013. Inferring ancient divergences requires genes with strong phylogenetic signals. Nature. 497:327–331. link
Paul's handout on calculating internode certainty measure link

Monday, 30 September 2013

Brigette Zacharczenko will lead the discussion this week.

Adams, 2013. Comparing Evolutionary Rates for Different Phenotypic Traits on a Phylogeny Using LikelihoodPdficon small.gifLink

Monday, 07 October 2013

Veronica Bueno will lead the discussion this week.

Pdficon small.gifFujisawa, Barraclough_2013_Delimiting Species Using Single-Locus Data and the Generalized Mixed Yule Coalescent Approach A Revised Metho.pdf

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