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Schedule for Fall Semester 2006

September 5:
Pagel, M., and A. Meade. 2006. Bayesian Analysis of Correlated Evolution of Discrete Characters by Reversible-Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo. The American Naturalist 167(6): 808-825. [PDF]
September 12:
Ree, R. R. 2005. Detecting the historical signature of key innovations using stochastic models of character evolution and cladogenesis. Evolution 59(2): 257-265 [PDF]
September 19:
Huelsenbeck J. P., R. Nielsen and J. P. Bollback. 2003. Stochastic mapping of morphological characters. Systematic Biology 52(2): 131-58 [PDF]
September 26:
Chan, K. M. A., and B. R. Moore. 2002. Whole-tree methods for detecting differential diversification rates. Systematic Biology 51: 855865 [PDF]
October 3:
Pons et al. 2006. Sequence-Based Species Delimitation for the DNA Taxonomy of Undescribed Insects. Systematic Biology 55: 595-609 [PDF]
October 10:
Monaghan MT, Balke M, Pons J, Vogler AP. 2006. Beyond barcodes: complex DNA taxonomy of a South Pacific Island radiation. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B 273(1588):887-893 [PDF]
October 17:
Yin-Long Qiua, Libo Lia, Bin Wanga, Zhiduan Chend, Volker Knoope, Milena Groth-Maloneke, Olena Dombrovskaa, Jungho Leeb, Livija Kentb, Joshua Restf, George F. Estabrooka, Tory A. Hendrya, David W. Taylora, Christopher M. Testab, Mathew Ambrosb, Barbara Crandall-Stotlerg, R. Joel Duffh, Michael Stechi, Wolfgang Freyi, Dietmar Quandtj, and Charles C. Davisk. 2006. The deepest divergences in land plants inferred from phylogenomic evidence. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science online Oct 9, 2006; doi:10.1073/pnas.0603335103 [PDF]
October 24:
Whortley, A. H., and R. W. Scotland. 2006. The Effect of Combining Molecular and Morphological Data in Published Phylogenetic Analyses. Systematic Biology 55(4): 677-685 [PDF]
October 31:
Kennedy, M., B. R. Holland, R. D. Gray, and H. G. Spencer. 2005. Untangling Long Branches: Identifying Conflicting Phylogenetic Signals Using Spectral Analysis, Neighbor-Net, and Consensus Networks. Systematic Biology 54(4):620633 [PDF]
November 7:
Pagel, M., and A. Meade. 2004. A phylogenetic mixture model for detecting pattern-heterogeneity in gene sequence or character-state data. Systematic Biology 53(4): 571-581 [PDF]
November 14:
Huelsenbeck, J. P., S. Jain, S. W. D. Frost, and S. L. Losakovsky Pond. 2006. A Dirichlet process model for detecting positive selection in protein-coding DNA sequences. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 103: 6263-6268 [PDF]
November 28:
Yesson, C., and A. Culham. 2006. Phyloclimatic modeling: combining phylogenetics and bioclimatic modeling. Systematic Biology 55: 785-802 [PDF]
December 5:
Buckley, T. R., M. Cordeiro, D. C. Marshall, and C. Simon. 2006. Differentiating between hypotheses of lineage sorting and introgression in New Zealand alpine cicadas (Maoricicada Dugdale). Systematic Biology 55: 411-425 [PDF]

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