UConn EEB Systematics Seminar

Schedule for Spring Semester 2005

April 26:
Ree, R. R. 2005. Detecting the historical signature of key innovations using stochastic models of character evolution and cladogenesis. Evolution 59(2): 257-265 [PDF]
April 19:
Lopez, P., Forterre, P. and Philippe, H. 1999. The root of the tree of life in light of the covarion model. Journal of Molecular Evolution 49: 496-508 [PDF]
April 12:
Welch, J. J., and Bromham, L. Molecular dating when rates vary. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, in press [PDF]
April 5:
March 29:
Sullivan, J., and Joyce, P. Model selection in phylogenetics. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics, in prep. [PDF]
March 22:
Lockhart, P., and Steel, M. A tale of two processes. Systematic Biology, submitted. [PDF]
March 15:
Ronquist, F. 2004. Bayesian inference of character evolution. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 19: 475-481. [PDF]
March 1:
Crisp, M. D., and Cook, L. G. 2005. Do early branching lineages signify ancestral traits? Trends in Ecology and Evolution 20(3): 122-128. [PDF]
February 22:
Regier, J. C., Shultz, J. W., and Kambic, R. E. 2004. Phylogeny of basal hexapod lineages and estimates of divergence times. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 97(3): 411-419 [PDF].
February 15:
Simkova, A., Morand, S., Jobet, E., Gelnar, M., and Verneau, O. 2004. Molecular phylogeny of congeneric monogenean parasites (Dactylogyrus): a case of intrahost speciation. Evolution 58 (5): 1001-1018 [PDF].
February 8:
Bergthorsson, U., Richardson, A. O., Young, G. J., Goertzen, L. R., and Palmer, J. D. 2004. Massive horizontal transfer of mitochondrial genes from diverse land plant donors to the basal angiosperm Amborella. PNAS 101 (51): 17747-17752. [PDF]
February 1:
Price, J. J. and Lanyon, S. M. 2004. Patterns of song evolution and sexual selection in the oropendolas and caciques. Behavioral Ecology 15: 485-497.[PDF]
January 25:
Pisani, D. Identifying and removing fast-evolving sites using compatibility analysis: an example from the Arthropoda. Systematic Biology 53(6): 978-989.

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