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Schedule for Fall Semester 2004

August 31: Organizational meeting
September 7: Jon Richmond leading discussion
Townsend, T. M., Larson, A., Louis, E., Macey, J. R. In press. Molecular phylogenetics of Squamata: the position of snakes, amphisbaenians, and dibamids, and the root of the squamate tree. Systematic Biology. [PDF]
September 14: Everyone (and thus no one) leading discussion
We will continue discussing the paper from last week but also read the following for comparison:
Vidal, N., and Hedges, S. B. 2004. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B (Suppl.) 03BL0305: S1-S4. [PDF]
September 21:Open discussion
This week we continue discussion of the Townsend paper from two weeks ago, concentrating this week on the specific SH tests they performed comparing alternative topological hypotheses. We will also discuss the use of Bayes Factors for comparisons of models.
September 28:
Brandley, Matthew C., Schmitz, Andreas, and Reeder, Tod W. Partitioned Bayesian Analyses, Partition Choice, and the Phylogenetic Relationships of Scincid Lizards. Submitted to Syst. Biol. 28 August 2004. [PDF]
October 5: Jadranka Rota leading
Pons, J., Barraclough, T. G., Theodorides, K., Cardoso, A., and Vogler, A. P. 2004. Using exon and intron sequences of the gene Mp20 to resolve basal relationships in Cicindela (Coleoptera:Cicindelidae). Systematic Biology 53(4): 554-570. [PDF]
October 12:
Wheeler, W. C. 2003. Implied alignment: a synapomorphy-based multiple-sequence alignment method and its use in cladogram search. Cladistics 19: 261-268. [PDF]
October 19: Mike McAloon lead the discussion
Hebert, P. D. N., M. Y. Stoeckle, T. S. Zemlak, and C. M. Francis. 2004. Identification of birds through DNA Barcodes. PLoS Biol. 2 (10): 1657-1663. [PDF (screen)][PDF (print)] Additional reading is provided by this "10 Reasons for Barcoding" poster
October 26: Chris Martine leading the discussion
Hebert, P. D. N., Cywinska, A., Ball, S. L. and deWaard, J. R. 2003. Biological identifications through DNA barcodes. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. Ser. B. 270: 313-321. [PDF]
Will, K. W., and Rubinoff, D. 2004. Myth of the molecule: DNA barcodes for species cannot replace morphology for identification and classfication. Cladistics 20: 47-55. [PDF]
November 2: Roberta Engel leading the discussion
Tautz, D., Arctander, P., Minelli, A., Thomas, R. H. and Vogler, A. P. 2003. A plea for DNA taxonomy. TREE 18: 70-74. [PDF]
November 9: Paul Lewis leading the discussion
Kolaczkowski, B., and Thornton, J. W. 2004. Performance of maximum parsimony and likelihood phylogenetics when evolution is heterogeneous. Nature 431: 980-984.[PDF][Supplementary information PDF]
November 30:
Rivera, M., and J. A. Lake. 2004. The ring of life provides evidence for a genome fusion origin of eukaryotes. Nature 431: 152-155. [PDF]
December 7:
Bromham and Woolfit. 2004. Explosive radiations and the reliability of molecular clocks: island endemic radiations as a test case. Systematic Biology 53: 758-766. [Microsoft Word file]
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