Prospective students/postdocs

Please read through my research summary to make sure your interests match mine.

Then browse our lab research pages.

And pages of lab members and lab alumni.

Using the side bar on our lab page, navigate through the various links.

Download selected reprints of interest to you from our reprint downloader on cicada central

Many of our recent publications have not yet been added to the list so check the complete list of publications on my CV and let me know if there are any others you wish to see.

Read a selection of papers and then write to me to explain how your interests will fit into our lab.

Prospective postdocs please also send a copy of your CV.

Prospective students please also send your CV, an unofficial copy of your transcripts and your GRE scores. Our department recommends taking the advanced Biology GRE in addition to the standard tests. Foreign students should send their TOEFL scores.

See also information for prospective grads on the UCONN EEB pages.

Also please browse the EEB webpages using links on the side bar and the grey bar at the top of the page.

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