GSA Minutes 2008-10-02

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GSA Meeting Minutes
2 October 2008

Food: Giannelli’s pizza (near 4 corners, they deliver) served on our official GSA reusable lime green plates

Attendance: 16

Called to order at 5:39 PM

Regular Business

Barn Dance

Barn Dance Committee reported that we need to find a site and soon! Email to be sent to faculty for a host ASAP.

EEB Merchandise Committee

(Kat Shaw)
Do we want stuff in time for Christmas? Yes!
If you have ideas about what we should sell, email Kat. Suggestions included tote bags, pint glasses, and sweatshirts

Undergraduate Representative

Sean Binns [sp?] was nominated for being the undergraduate rep, but we decided that the undergrads need to nominate someone themselves.

Special Business - Faculty Meeting with the Dean

Tobias Landberg reported the following:

The new dean says that the only students at UConn that don’t pay tuition so we are the ones that should pay for the budget cuts. We are also unprotected as employees since we are not unionized. For example it has been suggested that ½ TA’s shouldn’t get health benefits. The dean wants a report that shows why grad students are important. It was suggested that we need to frame it in terms of how we are important to undergrad education at the University.

The faculty responded with disbelief.

It was mentioned that the GSS has floated the idea of unionizing but it is still far off and not really openly discussed, shhhh!

After much discussion it was decided that we will address this issue with a many pronged pitchfork attack.

GSA Plan of Action

The prongs are below:
1. Collect information (survey complied by Adam Wilson)
2. Write a letter to the dean, pres and provost
3. Meet with the dean, pres, and provost
4. Contact the media (Science and Communication Seminar)
5. Rally the undergrads
5a. Facebook group (Tobias)
6. Rally/Protest if necessary (Karolina)

Information for the Survey

1. Total number of undergrads mentored.
2. Total grant money that you have helped undergrads receive.
3. Total number of undergraduate recommendations written.
4. Average number of students you teach each semester.
5. Total grant money that have you brought in, including internal grants.
6. Total amount of fellowship money that you have received, including internal fellowships.
7. Total number of publications.
8. Total number of peer reviews that you have completed.
9. Total number or professional meetings attended.
10. A list of the community outreach activities that you do.
11. A list of the professional societies for whom you do service. EG: BSA student representative
12. List of institutions with whom you collaborate (universities, governments, museums)

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.