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6th Annual Barn Dance & Potluck
Friday the 5th of October
Hosted by Greg and Mona Anderson

Barn Dance 2007.jpg

General Info

Date: Friday 5 October, 2006 (Rain date 6 October)

Time: 4:00 PM. We would like to start a bit earlier this year, serve food by 6:30 PM, and have many of the children-oriented (Piñata and Fireworks) activities end by 7:30 PM.

Where: Greg and Mona Anderson's home

Themes: The New England Harvest, Canadian Thanksgiving, and Chocolate

Food: Two turkeys, supplemented with hamburgers, vegetarian burgers, and dogs

Donations: Please make a $10 donation to help with the cost of renting a sound system, buying turkeys, keg, etc. Please pass donations along to Kathy Tebo. Thanks!

Lab Assignments: If no one from your lab will be able to attend please let Dave Wagner know so that we don't end up missing cups, eating utensils, condiments, etc. Likewise if only 1 or 2 people from your clan will be attending, cut back on non-essential assigned items; conversely, if a large number of people from your group plan on coming, please bring more than assigned.

Inviting Others: Given the short notice and the likelihood of conflicts, attendance will suffer somewhat. This year, let's encourage attendance from friends in the UConn community, EEB undergrads, and others of our ilk.

Lab Assignments

Adams et al.: fruit salad or fruit dessert
Greg Anderson et al.: apple something (Ross); coordinate beer with Caira lab; decorations (Connolly)
Murphy: salad or chocolate something
Bush et al.: salad
Caira et al.: beer; and chocolate, chocolate, double chocolate and stuffing (Fyler)
Cardon et al.: chocolate somethings HMMM
Chazdon et al.: vegetarian side dishes and stuffing (Boukili)
Colwell et al.: condiments (relish, ketchup, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper) and side dishes
Cooley: your choice
Crespi et al. your choice
Elphick et al: soft drinks (with Holsinger) and cooler (with ice); salad(s)
Goffinet et al.: bake for us… (and coordinate beer with Caira lab)
Graduate Organizers: clean up (buy and bring trash bags)
Henry et al.: pre-dinner food
Holsinger et al.: soft drinks cooler (with Elphick) and ice for consumption (drinks); turkey stuffing; and pies
Jockusch et al.: chocolate delights; vegetarian side dishes; napkins, paper towels, paper or plastic cups, paper plates, and plastic eating utensils; chocolate delights; vegetarian side dishes;
Jones et al.: salad
Les et al.: pre-dinner appetizers and salad
L. Lewis et al.: veggie burgers with buns and some cheese; vegan chocolate cake
P. Lewis et al.: one side dish
The Marshalls: a turkey
O’Donnell: side dish
Rubega et al: soft drinks (with Holsinger); side dish(es)
Schaefer et al.: side dish
Schlichting et al.: fruit juices and side dish (or salad)
Schultz et al.: 48 hot dogs (with buns) and pickle relish (perhaps coordinate with hamburger people)
Schwenk et al.: salad
Silander et al.: salad and side dish
Simon et al.: fruit salad or pies
Taigen et al.: Jan
Tebo: salad
Thorson et al.: your choice
Turchin et al.: coordinate beer with Caira lab
Wagner et al.: volleyball, grill, chairs, hamburgers (with Wells), cheese and buns
Wells et al.: hamburgers (with Wagner), cheese, and buns and salads; decorations (Herrick)
Willig et al.: side dish

We are always looking for more volunteers to help organize! If interested in helping with decorations, games, food, or music, please meet with us Tuesday at 5:00 PM in the Bamford room.

Barn Dance Committee: Maria Pickering, Thiago Rangel, Rachel Prunier, and Krissa Skogen.