3rd NSF-PEET Auchenorrhyncha Workshop, April 10-11 2010 at the New York State Museum (Albany, NY)

Session 1, 10 April 2010

Concourse Meeting Rooms A-B, New York State Museum

Session 2, 11 April 2010

Hotel Conference Room, Downtown Albany


  • Charles Bartlett
  • Lawrence Barringer
  • Adam Bell
  • Therese Catanach
  • Jason Cryan
  • Chris Dietrich
  • Dmitry Dmitriev
  • Geert Goemans
  • Kathy Hill
  • Ashley Kennedy
  • Sindhu Krishnankutty
  • David Marshall
  • Chris Owen
  • Chris Simon
  • Beth Wade
  • Katie Weglarz

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