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Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

University of Connecticut
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Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4210

Phone: (860) 486-1772
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King (Chinook) Salmon caught on a fly in the Salmon River, Pulaski, NY.

Research Interests

Currently, my research has multiple foci: 1) use of a metacommunity approach to understand patterns of species distributions along latent environmental gradients, 2) evaluation of multiple dimensions of biodiversity along environmental gradients, 3) use of host-parasite systmes as models to explore potential ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that mold patterns of abundance, species richness, diversity, and metacommunity structure on hosts, 4) use of plant-insect networks to evaluate partitioning of niche axes, 5) evaluation of effects of anthropogenic activities on bat populations, assemblages, and temporal activity in the Neotropics, and 6) use of data on Caribbean vertebrates to explore biogeographic factors associated with species richness, composition, or metacommunity structure.

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Male king salmon in the Salmon River near Pulaski, NY.



Bachelor of Science. 1991. Western Illinois University, Macomb, Il. Dr. Jeanette A. Thomas, Advisor.

Master of Science. 1994. Western Illinois University, Macomb, Il. Thesis Title: Small Mammals of McDonough County, Illinois. Dr. Jeanette A. Thomas, Advisor.

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology.  2004.  Department of Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University,  Lubbock, Texas. Dissertation Title: Ectoparasitic assemblages of Paraguayan bats: ecological and evolutionary perspectives. Dr. Michael R. Willig, Advisor. PDF


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Submitted Manuscripts

Burgio, K.R., L.M. Cisneros, K.E. Davis, L.M. Dreiss, B.T. Klingbeil, B.D. Patterson, S.J. Presley, and M.R. Willig. Dimensions of passerine biodiversity along a tropical elevational gradient: a nexus for historical biogeography and contemporary ecology. Ecography (submitted).

Schowalter, T., M.R Willig, and S.J. Presley. Long-term variation in population and community structure of canopy arthropods in a disturbance-prone tropical rainforest. Oecologia (submitted).

Presley, S.J., L.M. Cisneros, C.L. Higgins, B.T. Klingbeil, S.M. Scheiner, and M.R. Willig. Extensive habitat conversion at the regional scale creates environmental filters that mold functional and phylogenetic structure of Neotropical bat assemblages.Journal of Animal Ecology (submitted).

Adult male gray brocket (Mazama gouazoubira) killed near Destacamento Militar Gabino Mendoza, in the Gran Chaco of Paraguay


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