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Jing-Ke Weng
Institution: Whitehead Institute, MIT
Seminar Title: Unraveling the chemical mysteries of nature
Time and Place: 4:00 PM, Thursday, 28 April 2016, in BPB 131
Contact: Yaowu Yuan

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Time Name Room
8:00 am Don Les Breakfast at Tolland Inn
9:30 Elizabeth Jockusch PharmBio 305B
10:00 Jill Wegrzyn TLS 75
10:30 Huanzhong Wang (Plant Sciences) PharmBio 303
11:00 Lauren Stanley Teaching Greenhouse Tour
12:00 Lunch with grad students TLS171B (Bamford Room)
1:00 Carl Schlichting
1:30 Baoqing Ding & Yaowu Yuan Research Greenhouses
2:30 Louise Lewis PharmBio 311/313
3:00 EEB 3894 undergrad Seminar, Dustin Ray and Cera Fisher TLS 181
3:30 Pre-seminar snacks Bamford Room
4:00 Unraveling the chemical mysteries of nature BPB 131
6:00 Elizabeth Jockusch, Yaowu, & Uzay Sezen Dinner, place TBA