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Evan Preisser

Institution: Department of Biological Sciences, University of Rhode Island
Seminar Title: Just how friendly IS my enemy's enemy? Herbivore-herbivore interactions on eastern hemlock
Time and Place: 4:00 PM, Thursday, 13 April 2017, in BPB 131
Contact: Morgan Tingley

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Time Name Location
9:00 am Mark Urban Pharmacy Biology (PBB) 200A
9:30 Morgan Tingley PBB 205D
10:30 Jacob Socolar PBB 225
11:00 Eldridge Adams PBB 205A
11:30 Annette Evans PBB 322
12:00 pm Lunch with graduate students Bamford Room (TLS 171B)
1:00 Nora Mitchell & Kristen Nolting PBB 302
1:30 Kevin Keegan TLS 461
2:00 Nick Russo PBB 225
2:30 Chris Simon Biopharm 305d
3:00 Meet with EEB 3894 TLS 181
3:30 Pre-Seminar snacks Bamford Room (TLS 171B)
4:00 SEMINAR: Just how friendly IS my enemy's enemy? BPB 131
5:00 Dinner and/or drinks with Morgan & others Dog Lane Café