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Rachel Spicer
Institution:Connecticut College
Seminar Title: Seeing the forest and the trees: vascular development in a woody plant
Time and Place: 4:00 PM Thursday September 24, 2015, in BPB 130
Contact: Cindi Jones

Thursday Sep. 24

Time Name Room
11:00 Jill Wegrzyn TLS 75
11:45-1:00 Graduate student lunch.
Rachel's lunch will be provided, others please bring a lunch
TLS 171B (Bamford Room)
1:00 Uzay Sezen TLS 77
2:00 Kerri Mocko BioPharm 400A
2:30 Cindi Jones BioPharm 400
3:00 Meeting with EEB 3894 Seminar Class (and Nora Mitchell & Tim Moore) TLS 181
3:30 Pre-Seminar TLS171b (Bamford room)
4:00 SEMINAR BPB 130
5:30 Cindi Jones, Chris Elphick, Pam Diggle Dinner