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PeopleSoft[1] is an electronic system to manage students' academic finances and enrollment in a self-service format.

Logging In

Your User ID is your seven-digit Student ID Number, not to be confused with your NetID.

Your Password is case-sensitive and must contain a minimum of 8 characters, at least 1 number, and 1 symbol (!@#$, etc.). If you ask to have your password reset, one such password will be generated for you.

SA Self Service

Personal Portfolio

You can view and update the following:

  • Addresses
  • Names
  • Phone Numbers
  • UC Email Addresses
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Password and Personalization
  • Work Plans
  • Holds

Learner Services


View Course Catalog

View Schedule of Classes

For this you will need to input the proper term code.


Some of the more useful links under this header:

Enroll in a Class

To determine the class number, consult the Office of the Registrar website. Click on the Course Information link[2], and you can locate your course by department.

Enrollment in many classes requires a permission number provided by the instructor. Professors provide these readily to grad students, but you should have them all in-hand before you attempt to register.

Enrolling at full time status begins the process of acquiring the tuition waiver associated with your Graduate Assistantship.

View My Class Schedule

View My Grades

View Unofficial Transcript

View Degree Progress Report


Useful links:

View Fee Bill by Semester

Make a Payment

You can make a payment by credit card for a 2.5% convenience fee. The website accepts Diners Club, Discover, and Master Card transactions.

View My Financial Aid

Here you can accept your financial aid offers and track the status of Financial Aid funds.

Learning Management

Not what you would think; this is actually a link for instructors. Most of what you will need to accomplish involves the Learner Services link.

View My Class Schedule

View My Weekly Schedule

Access Class Rosters

Record Grades

Class Permissions

Request HuskyCT Classes

People Tools

You can use this link to change your password.