Graduate Assistantship

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Most EEB graduate students hold an assistantship to earn money while enrolled in the program.

  • Teaching Assistantships (or TAs) are offered in conjunction with teaching a course. The courses most often taught by EEB grads are 100s-level Biology courses, where the TA teaches several sections of the lab component. TAs for upper-level courses are also available to advanced grads. Prior to each teaching semester, TA preferences are solicited from EEB grads. If you wish to TA an upper-level course, inform the instructor of your desire and qualification far in advance.
  • Research Assistantships (or RAs) are rather rare and arise when faculty or students obtain grant money to support the RA.

Full-time graduate assistants work 20 hours per week (although these are not explicitly reported) and are required to take six hours of course work.