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==Syllabus and Course Information==
==Syllabus and Course Information==
{{pdf|http://hydrodictyon.eeb.uconn.edu/eebedia/images/3/3a/EEB_3898_Field_Fish_Bio_Syllabus_2014_2.pdf}} Syllabus
{{}} Syllabus
==Working Schedule==
==Working Schedule==

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EEB 3898 Field Methods in Fish Biology

Summer Session I, 2014
Course Duration: June 2nd - July 2nd, 2014
Meeting Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00 am - 12:00pm in TLS 371

Welcome to Field Methods in Fish Biology! This course is a hands-on, field based introduction to the biology of fishes and field sampling methods, with emphasis on local species.


Jon AMNH 1.jpg

Jonathan Velotta
Email: jonathan.velotta@uconn.edu
Office: Biology/Pharmacy 212
Phone: (860) 486-4694
Mobile: (203) 394-7815
Office hours: by appointment

Syllabus and Course Information

{{}} Syllabus

Working Schedule

Date Lecture Exercise Assignment
M 2 June

Introduction to fish biology and field methods, active gear and gear bias

Beach seine and minnow trap Swan Lake

Reading: Pdficon small.gif Field Notebook Guidelines; Pdficon small.gif How to read a science article; Pdficon small.gif Poos et al 2007

W 4 June

Field Trip

Beach seine and minnow trap Mansfield Hollow Reservoir
Reading: Pdficon small.gif Fink et al 1979 (Section I)
F 6 June

CT fish diversity I, electroshocking gear, curation of fish collections, lake habitats

Pdficon small.gif External anatomy and morphometrics and meristics; Pdficon small.gif Fish fixation protocol

Quiz I Monday; Field exercise report I due Monday

M 9 June

ID Quiz I

Backpack electrofishing Eldredge Brook with Dr. Vokoun

Reading: Pdficon small.gif Gorman and Karr 1978

W 11 June

Field Trip

Seine Willimantic River with Dr. Vokoun

F 13 June

CT fish diversity II; passive gear; river habitats

Identify and preserve specimens

Reading: Pdficon small.gif Post et al 2008; Field exercise report II due Monday

M 16 June

Field Trip

Boat electrofishing CT river with DEEP and retrieval of hoop nets

Exam I and Quiz II Wednesday; prepare field notebook

W 18 June

Exam I and ID Quiz II - field notebooks due!

Tentative: Alewife night trip

F 20 June

Internal anatomy and fish parasites

Dissection lab, collection of hard parts for aging

Field Exercise report III due Monday

M 23 June

Field Trip

Seine Morris Cove with NOAA

W 25 June

Long Island Sound diversity; visual observation methods; population and community ecology

Identify and preserve saltwater fishes

Quiz III Friday; Reading: Pdficon small.gif McKinley et al 2001

F 27 June

ID Quiz III Visual observation methods - sunfish nesting and ethogram

Finish ethogram due Monday; Reading: Pdficon small.gif scientific-writing guidelines

M 30 June

Field notebook check II (end of class) Tentative: visual observation methods - population abundance at Diana's Pool

Final Exam study; Finish final report

W 2 July

Finalize and present biodiversity collection; Final Exam

[*changes to our field trip itinerary may be made pending weather, etc.]

Web Resources

Fish Base
CT DEEP Bookstore