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The Marine Biology page

This page is for use of participants in EEB 6483 Seminar in Marine Biology.

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Pair of Lionfish, Pterois volitans. Photo by Eric Schultz

The Fall 2008 Edition

August 28

Pdficon small.gifA selection of recent papers suitable for this semester's Marine Biology seminar

September 4

Pdficon small.gifHolling, C. S. 1959a. The components of predation as revealed by a study of small-mammal predation of the European pine sawfly. Canadian Entomologist 91: 293-320.
Pdficon small.gifHolling, C. S. 1959b. Some characteristics of simple types of predation and parasitism. Canadian Entomologist 91: 385-398
Pdficon small.gifHolling1959b; possibly a more readable scan

September 11

Pdficon small.gifDurant D, Fritz H, Blais S, Duncan P. 2003. The functional response in three species of herbivorous Anatidae: effects of sward height, body mass and bill size. Journal of Animal Ecology 72:220-231.
Pdficon small.gif Gotelli NJ. 2001. Predation. A primer of ecology. Third ed. Sunderland: Sinaur Associates, Inc. p 125-153.

September 18

Pdficon small.gifHeithaus MR, Frid A, Wirsing AJ, Worm B. 2008. Predicting ecological consequences of marine top predator declines. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 23:202-210.

September 25

Pdficon small.gifKuris AM, Hechinger RF, Shaw JC, Whitney KL, Aguirre-Macedo L, Boch CA, Dobson AP, Dunham EJ, Fredensborg BL, Huspeni TC, Lorda J, Mababa L, Mancini FT, Mora AB, Pickering M, Talhouk NL, Torchin ME, Lafferty KD. 2008. Ecosystem energetic implications of parasite and free-living biomass in three estuaries. Nature 454:515-518.

October 2

Pdficon small.gifAllendorf FW, England PR, Luikart G, Ritchie PA, Ryman N. 2008. Genetic effects of harvest on wild animal populations. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 23:327-337.

October 9

Pdficon small.gifEstes JA, Tinker MT, Williams TM, Doak DF. 1998. Killer whale predation on sea otters linking oceanic and nearshore ecosystems. Science 282(5388):473-476.
Pdficon small.gifHairston NG, Smith FE, Slobodkin LB. 1960. Community structure, population control, and competition. American Naturalist 94(879):421-425.

October 16

Pdficon small.gifBarr GE, Babbitt KJ. 2007. Trout affect the density, activity and feeding of a larval plethodontid salamander. Freshwater Biology 52(7):1239-1248.

October 23

Pdficon small.gifStapp P, Hayward GD. 2002. Effects of an introduced piscivore on native trout: Insights from a demographic model. Biological Invasions 4(3):299-316.

October 30

November 6

November 13

November 20

November 27