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The Ecological Genomics page

This page is for use of participants in EEB 6485 Seminar in Ecological Genomics

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Overview of the 454 sequencing technology. From Rothberg, J.M. and J.H. Leamon. 2008. Nature Biotechnology 26: 1117-1124

The Spring 2010 Edition

February 3

Pdficon small.gifRokas, A. and P. Abbot. 2009 Harnessing genomics for evolutionary insights. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 24:192-200.
Pdficon small.gifUngerer, M.C., L.C. Johnson and M.A. Herman. 2008. Ecological genomics: understanding gene and genome function in the natural environment. Heredity 100: 178-183.

February 10

Snow day.

February 17

Pdficon small.gif Place et al 2008 MEPS.pdf Gene expression in the intertidal mussel Mytilus californianus: physiological response to environmental factors on a biogeographic scale

February 24

Pdficon small.gif Hahn et al 2009.pdf Gene discovery using massively parallel pyrosequencing to develop ESTs for the flesh fly Sarcophaga crassipalpis

March 3

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Pdficon small.gif vera et al 2008 supplementary material.pdf

March 17

Pdficon small.gif Metzker, M. L. 2010. Sequencing technologies - the next generation. Nature Reviews Genetics 11: 31-46.

March 24

Pdficon small.gif Cummings, M. E., J. Larkins-Ford, C. R. L. Reilly, R. Y. Wong, M. Ramsey, and H. A. Hofmann. 2008. Sexual and social stimuli elicit rapid and contrasting genomic responses. Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences 275: 393-402.

March 31

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April 7

Pdficon small.gif Goetz, F., D. Rosauer, S. Sitar, G. Goetz, C. Simchick, S. Roberts, R. Johnson, C. Murphy, C. R. Bronte, and S. Mackenzie. 2010. A genetic basis for the phenotypic differentiation between siscowet and lean lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush). Molecular Ecology 19: 176-196.

April 14

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April 21

Pdficon small.gif Ellegren, H. 2008. Comparative genomics and the study of evolution by natural selection. Molecular Ecology 17: 4586-4596.

April 28

Pdficon small.gif Rubin et al. 2010. Whole genome resequencing reveals loci under selection during chicken domestication. Nature 464: 587-593.
Pdficon small.gif Turner et al. 2010. Population resequencing reveals local adaptation of Arabidopsis lyrata to serpentine soils. Nature Genetics 42: 260-264.

Topics of interest

Toyshop: overview of next generation sequencing technologies (Rachel O'Neill, rescheduled tentatively for 3/3)
Functional variability in gene expression; response to abiotic factors, social factors, other species
Linking intra- and interspecific genomic variability to morphological variability
Environmentally-mediated modification of the genome; epigenetics
Metagenomics: genetic variability at the community level
Genomics and community/ecosystem-scale processes
Genomics and development: how regulatory pathways shape morphology
Genomics and systematics: discovery of informative loci

Reference compilations

Pdficon small.gifAn ecological genomics bibliography

March 2010 Special Issue of Molecular Ecology on NEXT GENERATION MOLECULAR ECOLOGY

Methods-oriented overview papers

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Brief reviews and alerts

Pdficon small.gif Martinez, D.A. and M.A. Nelson. 2010. The Next Generation Becomes the Now Generation. PLOS Genetics.