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EEB 5894 Section 003 (Planning for a career in EEB) NEW COURSE - IN DEVELOPMENT FOR FALL 2014

This 1 credit seminar course is intended to provide orientation information to incoming EEB graduate students, although it is open to other students; we strongly advise new students to take it. The course will meet for about an hour a week, with 2-3 faculty present each week to discuss a given topic. This is a new course and we seek input on what topics we should include.

Meeting time: Tuesdays 3:45-5

Location: Bamford Room (Torrey 171B)

Course coordinators: Elizabeth Jockusch, Chris Elphick

Tentative syllabus (subject to change)

Date Presenters Topic Resources Notes
Aug 26 Kent Holsinger + Elizabeth Jockusch What do you aim to accomplish in grad school (and beyond)? Relate to strategies for different career paths
Sept 2 Bernard Goffinet + Kurt Schwenk What is a dissertation/thesis
Sept 9 Yaowu Yuan and Janine Caira Formulating good scientific questions
Sept 16 Carl Schlichting University/department structure and resources; Degree ontogenies
Sept 23 Pam Diggle and Chris Elphick Research ethics and regulations NSF ethics training/IACUC/IRB/EH&S/BAUR/other lab safety/etc
Sept 30 Eric Schultz and Mike Willig How does research funding work need to address both NSF/NIH and other agency/foundation sources, cover OSP etc.
Oct 7 Grad panel How to fund your graduate work Panel discussion (Jessie, NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS .....)
Oct 14 Mark Urban, Louise Lewis Communicating your work: how does publishing work
Oct 21 Morgan Tingley + ?? Communicating your work: talks, conferences, and networking Homework: get set up to edit in eebedia or Aurora
Oct 28 Paul Lewis Communicating your work: web sites students should leave with an eebedia or Aurora page set up
Nov 4 Margaret Rubega + ?? Broader impacts, social media, and communication outside academia
Nov 11 Eldridge Adams + ?? Developing as a teacher (also discuss how TA assignments work)
Nov 18 Cindi Jones and Andy Bush Work-life balance
Dec 2 Senior grads/postdocs Lessons I learned the hard way Panel discussion (Geert, Kerri, NEED VOLUNTEERS .....)

Useful readings:

Stephen Sterns:

A less cynical rebuttal by Ray Huey:

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