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EEB 5894 Section 003 (Planning for a career in EEB) NEW COURSE - IN DEVELOPMENT FOR FALL 2014

This 1 credit seminar course is intended to provide orientation information to incoming EEB graduate students, although it is open to other students; we strongly advise new students to take it. The course will meet for about an hour a week, with 2-3 faculty present each week to discuss a given topic. This is a new course and we seek input on what topics we should include.

Meeting time: Tuesdays 3:45-5

Location: Bamford Room (Torrey 171B)

Course coordinators: Elizabeth Jockusch, Chris Elphick

Tentative syllabus (subject to change)

Date Presenters Topic Resources Notes
Aug 26 Kent Holsinger, Elizabeth Jockusch What do you aim to accomplish in grad school (and beyond)? Relate to strategies for different career paths
Sept 2 Bernard Goffinet, Kurt Schwenk What is a dissertation/thesis
Sept 9 Yaowu Yuan, Janine Caira Formulating good scientific questions
Sept 16 Carl Schlichting University/department structure and resources; Degree ontogenies
Sept 23 Pam Diggle, Chris Elphick Research ethics and regulations NSF ethics training/IACUC/IRB/EH&S/BAUR/other lab safety/etc
Sept 30 Eric Schultz, Mike Willig How does research funding work need to address both NSF/NIH and other agency/foundation sources, cover OSP etc.
Oct 7 Grad panel How to fund your graduate work Panel discussion (Jessie, NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS .....)
Oct 14 Mark Urban, Louise Lewis Communicating your work: how does publishing work
Oct 21 Morgan Tingley + ?? Communicating your work: talks, conferences, and networking Homework: get set up to edit in eebedia or Aurora
Oct 28 Paul Lewis Communicating your work: web sites students should leave with an eebedia or Aurora page set up
Nov 4 Margaret Rubega + ?? Broader impacts, social media, and communication outside academia
Nov 11 Eldridge Adams + ?? Developing as a teacher (also discuss how TA assignments work)
Nov 18 Cindi Jones, Andy Bush Work-life balance
Dec 2 Senior grads/postdocs Lessons I learned the hard way Panel discussion (Geert, Kerri, NEED VOLUNTEERS .....)

Useful readings:

Stephen Sterns:

A less cynical rebuttal by Ray Huey:

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