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This organization provides a forum in which all graduate students in the EEB department are welcome to discuss any issues relevant to graduate school. We typically have between two and three meetings a semester, but additional meetings can be called as necessary. The organization is run by a group of student officers. Meetings follow parliamentary procedure, as well as the guidelines specified by our constitution and by-laws. Activities undertaken by the organization include an annual t-shirt design fundraiser, hosting of our own research symposium, and the invitation of a seminar speaker.

All students in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology working towards a Ph.D., M.S., of B.S/M.S. are eligible for GSA membership.

Meetings are typically held in the Bamford Room after EEB Department Seminar at 5pm on Thursdays.

The EEB Graduate Student Association advisor is Robin Chazdon.

GSA Officers

Terms of all offices are for one year, typically starting around September 1. Elections are held at the first GSA meeting of the fall semester, when current officers are either re-elected or replaced by another graduate student. Additional GSA officer positions may be created as necessary, and obsolete positions may be disbanded.

Current Officers

GSA President Kasey Pregler

GSA Treasurer: Brigette Zacharczenko

GSA Secretary: Jessie Rack

Graduate Student Senators: Bill Ryerson and Hayley Kilroy

Faculty Representative: Manette Sandor

Grad-Invited Seminar Committee Representative: Bill Ryerson and Jon Velotta

Graduate Research Symposium Committee Representatives: Jessie Rack, Johana Goyes Vallejos, Jon Velotta, James Mickley

Tuesday Evening Seminar: Alyssa Borowske, Brigette Zacharczenko

Welcome Committee: Jessie Rack, Alyssa Borowske

Center for Conservation and Biodiversity (CCB) Representative: Elizabeth Timpe

Fundraising Committee: Brigette Zacharczenko, Lara Ariori, James Mickley

Barn Dance Czarina: Maria Pickering

Green Grads Committee: Maria Pickering, Karolina Fucikova, Alyssa Borowske

Undergraduate Representative: Colin Carlson

Past Officers

GSA Officers 2009-2010

GSA Officers 2008-2009

GSA Officers 2007-2008

GSA Officers 2006-2007

GSA Meeting Minutes

8 September 2011
21 April 2011
20 January 2011
09 September 2010

GSA Meeting Minutes Archives

GSA Minutes Archive