GSA Minutes 2011 01-20

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GSA Meeting Minutes

20 January 2011


12: Bill Ryerson, Lauren Jones, Colin Carlson (undergrad), James Mickley, Maria Pickering, Karolina Fucikova, Kathryn Theiss, Johana Goyes Vallejos, Elizabeth Timpe, Alyssa Borowske, Kevin Burgio, Frank Smith (phoned in for quorum)

Officers' Reports

Treasurer's Report (Karolina Fucikova)
EEB GSA Finances:
Current Balance $291. 76
Spent $67.24 (not including today’s pizza costs)
No money made (yet).


I How to get more attendees to the EEB GSA meetings (bribery by pizza not successful?

II Faculty Representative (Kathryn Theiss): Faculty discussed pension issues and renovating the old TLS Willig lab to be a new BIOL1108 lab. Costs of renovation are extensive ($300,000)

III Undergraduate Representative Vote: Colin Carlson as undergrad rep. Unanymous decision (9 + Frank Smith phoned in). Adjustment made to EEB GSA 2011 EEBedia page.

IV Fundraising Committee (Kathryn Theiss and Johana Goyes Vallejos):
Ideas: Info will be sent out soon for artwork submission. Additionally an online survey will be used to determine what the majority of students would be interested in purchasing.
T-shirts: Most attendees (coughMariacough) had no complaints about the fit of the organic cotton t-shirts purchased in previous years. Maybe tank tops?
Glassware: Both pint glasses and mugs (?) have no minimum order.
Totes bag: Minimum order of 50.
Photo submitted in 'contest' to be printed as postcards, notecards, puzzles, calendars. This idea was well received by all attendees.
Other: Windows decals, EEB customized wine bottles (not compliant with University policy).

V Green Grads (Maria Pickering): More involvement needed. Campus-wide email will be sent out in a week or so and meeting will be set-up for students to come with 'green' ideas. Pizza will be at this meeting.

VI 2011 Graduate Symposium (Karolina Fucikova): Announcement email will be sent out soon. Date will be March 19th. Room and lobby are booked. Website is updated. No invited speaker yet, but it is in the works.

VII Grad Photos: MUCH NEEDED. Details to follow.

VIII CCB Representative (Elizabeth Timpe): Meeting was held Jan 6th. Due to state budget cuts, there is the threat accounts being swept. Therefore the committee proposed to spend the amount of ~$10,000 on the following:
~$5,000 - A symposium in the honor of Les Mehrhoff (possible title: “The Future of Biodiversity in the Northeast: Building on Les Mehrhoff’s Legacy”). Date TBD.
$1,000 - to each of the 4 collection divisions (Invertebrates, Vertebrates, Herbarium, Greenhouse) to use as needed.
$500 - to an undergraduate student to update the CCB website.

IX Tuesday Evening Seminar (Alyssa Borowske): 2 upcoming seminars have been arranged. Details to come.

Meeting began at 4:30pm
Meeting adjorned at 5:30pm
Minutes recorded by Elizabeth Timpe