Biology of the Algae

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Chondrus crispus

EEB 3250 (undergraduate) AND EEB 5250 (graduate)

Fall 2008 Lectures: MWF 10-10:50 AM, and Labs: M 2-4:50 PM in TLS 115
4 credits Satisfies the laboratory and plant diversity requirements for the EEB major

Go to the Biology of the Algae Lab

Pdficon small.gif Download some slide of the 2nd field trip.

Field Trip 9/28/08 to Watch Hill Point


Louise A. Lewis Associate Professor
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
office: 200 Pharmacy/Biology Building
voice: +1 860-486-6723
office hours: MWF 9:30-10 in TLS 115, and by appointment.

Karolina Fučiková Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
office: 311a Pharmacy/Biology Building
voice: +1 860-486-2289
office hours: Monday 1-2 in TLS 115 and by appointment.


Textbook and readings

Required reading will be listed or linked in the schedule below. These will be chapters of the Graham and Wilcox book or from primary literature. There will be 6 student-lead class discussions through the semester that will focus on the primary literature.

  • Graham, L.E. and L.W. Wilcox. 2000. Algae, 1st ed. Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-660333-5 [NOTE: 1st edition is currently being printed on demand by the new publisher, Pearson. This printing has resulted in some spotty quality. I have asked the UConn bookstore to get copies but you might be able to get better quality copies via -- I saw several used copies for sale. The original version is 1.5" thick, whereas the re-printed copies are thicker.]
  • Sears, J. R.[Ed.] 2002. NEAS Keys to Benthic Marine Algae of the Northeastern Coast of North America from Long Island Sound to the Strait of Belle Isle. Second Edition. Northeast Algal Society, Dartmouth, MA, USA. 161 pp. ISBN 1-878-301-07-1 [NOTE: 2nd edition is highly preferred because of its numerous taxonomic updates. This version may be sold out. If we can't find copies by the end of August, we will make copies available to you.]


NOTES: 1. all but the basic file downloads require a password; 2. best viewed in Adobe Reader (some problems with the MAC "Preview" program).

Date Topic Reading/Assignment Lab (see lab page for details)
M 25 Aug Pdficon small.gif Introduction to course Pdficon small.gif Syllabus (open access), Ch. 1 G&W Lab 1: Microscopes, collection, pressing algae
W 27 Aug Pdficon small.gif Introduction to algal biology (photosynthesis, pigments) Ch. 2, 3 G&W
F 29 Aug Pdficon small.gif Ecological importance of algae Ch. 2, 3 G&W
M 01 Sept LABOR DAY HOLIDAY no lab
W 03 Sept Pdficon small.gif Red algae 1 Ch. 16 G&W, Optional supplemental info can be found in special review article on red algae
F 05 Sept Paper Discussion #1
Leaders: Farah Ahmed, Chien Lo
Pdficon small.gif Chisti 2007, and rebuttals
S 06 Sept FIELD TRIP (Optional, due to weather) depart 7 AM, return before 3 PM meet out in front of TLS by 6:45 to help load vehicles
M 08 Sept Pdficon small.gif Red algae 2 Ch. 16 G&W Lab 2: Red algae
W 10 Sept Pdficon small.gif Red algae 3 Ch. 16 G&W
F 12 Sept Pdficon small.gif Red algae 4, Pdficon small.gif added slides Ch. 16 G&W
M 15 Sept Exam 1 (covers material through 10 Sept.) Lab 3: Red algae
W 17 Sept Pdficon small.gif Intro to Ochrophytes and Brown algae 1 Ch. 12 G&W (Intro. to Ochrophytes)
F 19 Sept Paper Discussion #2 Leaders: Samantha Carey, Lisa Harris
Martone 2007
M 22 Sept Pdficon small.gif Brown algae 2 Ch. 15 G&W (Phaeophyceans) Lab quiz #1 (covers Labs 1-3), Lab 4: Brown algae
W 24 Sept Pdficon small.gif Brown algae 3 Ch. 15 G&W (Phaeophyceans), Optional supplemental information in special review article
F 26 Sept Pdficon small.gif Brown algae 4 Ch. 15 G&W (Phaeophyceans)
S 27 Sept Optional field trip depart 11 AM, return by 7 PM meet in lab by 10:45 AM to help load vehicles
M 29 Sept Pdficon small.gif Green algae 1 Ch. 17 G&W Lab 5: Brown algae
W 01 Oct Pdficon small.gif Green algae 2 (part a) and Pdficon small.gif (part b) Ch. 18 G&W, Optional supplemental info in special review article
F 03 Oct Paper Discussion #3
Leaders: Emilie Frank, Rachael Grenon
Coyer et al. 2007. J. Evol. Biol. 20: 2322-2333.
M 06 Oct Pdficon small.gif Green algae 3 Ch. 19, 20 G&W Lab 6: Green algae
W 08 Oct Dropbox to Green algae 4 Ch. 21 G&W and optional reading

Pdficon small.gif Graham et al. (2000)

F 10 Oct Pdficon small.gif Diatoms 1 Ch. 12 G&W (Diatoms)
M 13 Oct Exam 2 (covers material from 12 Sept. - 08 Oct.) Lab 7: Green algae
W 15 Oct Pdficon small.gif Diatoms 2 Ch. 12 G&W (Diatoms)
F 17 Oct Paper Discussion #4
Leaders: Kristina Catanese, Leslie Marker
Pdficon small.gif Leflaive et al. 2008
M 20 Oct none (LL not well) Ch. 12 G&W (Diatoms) Lab quiz #2 (covers Labs 4-7), Lab 8: Diatoms
W 22 Oct Pdficon small.gif Diatoms 3 Ch. 12 G&W (Diatoms)
F 24 Oct Pdficon small.gif Chrysophyceae/Synurophyceae 1 Ch. 13 G&W (parts 2 and 3)
M 27 Oct Pdficon small.gif Chrysophyceae/Synurophyceae 2 Ch. 13 G&W (parts 2 and 3) Lab 9: Diatoms
W 29 Oct Pdficon small.gif Dinoflagellates 1 Ch. 11 G&W, Special review article, if you are interested
F 31 Oct Paper Discussion #5
Leaders: Diba Khan-Bureau and Gordon Ober
Pdficon small.gif Carrick & Lowe (2007) J. Phycology 43: 228-234.
M 03 Nov Pdficon small.gif Dinoflagellates 2 Ch. 11 G&W Lab 10: Chryosphytes, Synurophytes, Dinoflagellates
W 05 Nov Pdficon small.gif Dinoflagellates 3 (full) Ch. 11 G&W
F 07 Nov Dinoflagellates 4 Ch. 11 G&W
M 10 Nov Cyanobacteria 1 Ch. 6 G&W Lab 11: Cyanobacteria
W 12 Nov Exam 3 (covers material through 07 Nov.)
F 14 Nov Cyanobacteria 2 Ch. 6 G&W
M 17 Nov Cyanobacteria 3 Ch. 6 G&W Lab quiz #3 (covers Labs 8-11), OPEN LAB
W 19 Nov Graduate Student Presentations
F 21 Nov Paper Discussion #6
Leaders: Zbigniew Grabowski, Aaron Grade
Pdficon small.gif Doolittle (1998) Trends in Genetics 14: 307-311.
24-28 Nov Thanksgiving Recess
M 01 Dec Cyanobacteria 4 Ch. 6 G&W OPEN LAB
W 03 Dec Evolution
F 05 Dec Evolution collection due
T 09 Dec FINAL EXAM 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM (Tentative)

Final Exam Policy

Information from the Dean of Students:
“Final exam week for Fall 2008 takes place from Monday, December 8, through Saturday, December 13. Students are required to be available for their exam during that time. Students must visit the Dean of Students Office if they cannot make their exam. The DOS will give the student his or her instructions thereafter. Please note: vacations, previously purchased tickets or reservations, weddings (unless part of the wedding party), and other large or small scale social events, are not viable excuses for missing a final exam. Please contact the Dean of Students office with any questions. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.”

If you have bunched finals or other conflicts, please contact the Dean of Students.


Algae in the News

  • Informative links re: algae aquaculture and algae as biofuels:

Aquaculture, Algae as a Sustainable Biofuels Feedstock.