Biological Sciences and Physics Building

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The Biological Sciences and Physics building, located directly west of TLS, primarily supports laboratory space for the MCB and Physics departments.

Members of the UConn EEB Department use the following facilities in BSP:

  • The EEB Collections Facility (BSP 115) and the associated Collections library (BSP 112).
  • The two large lecture halls (BSP 130 and 131) are often used by EEB faculty. The weekly EEB Department Seminar and the Graduate Student Symposium are held in BSP 130.
  • The Electron Microscopy facility
  • The research greenhouses accessible to authorized personnel via elevator.
  • The Biotech Facility offers on-site pickup of lab necessities such as DNA cleanup kits and Big Dye for sequencing.
  • The Up & Atom Café downstairs offers coffee, bagels, sandwiches, and other gustatory distractions.