Ultrastructure of Green Algae and Bryophytes

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EEB 396 Special Topics: Ultrastructure of Green Algae and Bryophytes.

  • We will meet Monday at 8:45-9:45 in the 3rd floor PharmBio conference room.
  • Weekly leaders: Please fill in your topics below and provide a link to the reading or a hard copy of the article in the folder in TLS 314 (EEB office).

Schedule, Fall 2007

Week of: Topic Leader
05 Sept (WED) Overview of cell structure of green algae and bryophytes Louise
10 Sept Cellulose cell wall Karolina
17 Sept Cell wall of Scenedesmus quadricauda Frank
24 Sept Other wall components (beyond cellulose) Bernard
01 Oct Introduction to chloroplasts, then a focus on bryophyte chloroplasts (reading material in folder in TLS 314) Juan Carlos
08 Oct Ch. 4 - Chloroplasts (Dodge 1973, The Fine Structure of Algal Cells)- copy of reading material in TLS 314 Molly
15 Oct Pyrenoids and carbon concentrating mechanisms - a copy of a book chapter about pyrenoids in TLS 314 Karolina
22 Oct we're not meeting this week (note: LL gone)
29 Oct Badger et al. 1998 Karolina
05 Nov Cytoskeleton of interphase and dividing embryophyte cells, Gunning and Steer Atlas of Plant Cell Biology, Plates 31, 34, 35, 37, 40, 44, 45 (in TLS 314, but see original books in my lab for color views) Louise
12 Nov Cell division in green algae, Hoek, Mann and Jahns, 1995, Algae, an introduction to phycology, Pg 323-334, focusing on the 8 types of mitosis and cytokinesis. Pickett-Heaps, 1975, Green Algae, several micrographs meant to better illustrate 4 of the 8 types, don’t focus on text just images (in TLS 314). Molly
19 Nov FALL BREAK WEEK turkey
26 Nov Swimming structures in green algae. Reading in 314. Pp. 303-10, 324-5 (van den Hoek et al. 1995), plus P. 406 (Graham and Wilcox 2000). I'll explain a few other twists, too. Louise
10 Dec - NOTE 9 AM Swimming structures in embryophytes Juan Carlos

Contact: Louise Lewis louise.lewis@uconn.edu