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Seminar Speaker: Vickie Borowicz
Institution: Illinois State University
Seminar Title: Insect herbivores, mycorrhizal fungi, and the plant in between: examination of patterns of interactions
Faculty: Carl Schlichting

Wednesday, 23 September

Time Name Room
10:00am Don Les 205C BioPharm
10:30am Tobias Landberg 410 BioPharm
11:00am John Silander 205D PPB
12:00pm Juliano Seminar 171 TLS Bamford
12:30pm Juliano Seminar 171 TLS Bamford
1:00pm LUNCH
1:30pm LUNCH
2:00pm Paul Lewis TLS 166a
2:30pm David Wagner TLS 471
3:30pm Cynthia Jones 400 BioPharm
4:00pm Schlichting TLS 366


Thursday, 24 September

10:30am Lori Benoit 417 BioPharm
11:00am Louise Lewis 200 BioFarm
11:30am Sarah Treanor 225 BioPharm
12:00pm LUNCH with grad students TLS 171 Bamford Rm
12:30pm LUNCH with grad students
1:00pm Kat Shaw TLS 363
1:30pm Rachel Prunier BioPharm 302
2:00pm Janine Caira TLS 483
2:30pm Bernard Goffinet BioPharm 300
3:00pm EEB 3894 TLS 171 Bamford Rm
3:30pm Seminar preparation TLS 363
4:00pm Seminar BPB 130