Prospective Student Mark Stukel

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Time Name Location
12:08 Arrives BDL Chris Simon Pickup
1:30 Lunch Dog Lane and Tour of Storrs and environs Diler and Eric
6:00 Dinner 17 Silver Falls Lane

Monday, March 26, 2018

Time Name Location
9:00 Paul Lewis, Phylogenetic Systematics Theory
TLS 164
9:30 Annette Evans, Salamander Population Biology
A Evans eebedia picture.png
BioPharm 322
10:00 Don Les, Aquatic plant systematics
BioPharm 305c
10:30 Charlie Henry, speciation, Green lacewing song species
Charlie 2011.jpg
TLS 479/481
11:00 Molecular Systematics Class Biopharm 303
12:15 Entomeet-Wagner-Henry-Simon Labs TLS 313
1:30 Cera Fisher, developmental biology of treehoppers
BioPharm 318
2:00 Andrew Bush, Paleo-ecology
Bush.lg .jpg
TLS 469/472
2:30 Molecular Systematics Lab Minipresentation Biopharm 3rd floor fishbowl
3:00 Louise Lewis, Algal phylogenetics, desert crusts
Llewis.lg .jpg
BioPharm 311 (lab)
3:30 Mark Urban, Climate Change, population ecology
Urban.lg .jpg
BioPharm 200A
4:30 Simon Lab meeting Biopharm 3rd floor fishbowl
6:00 Dinner with Simon Lab Willington Pizza

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Time Name Location
10:00 Diler Haji
Biopharm 323
10:30 Sarah Knutie via Skype saknutie
Biopharm 323
11:00 Phylogenetics Class TLS 181
12:20 Lunch with Grad Students led by Katie Taylor
1:30 David Wagner
TLS 471
2:00 Eric Gordon
Biopharm 323
2:30 Cindi Jones
Biopharm 400
3:00 Chris Simon
C simon 6.jpg
Biopharm 305d
4:00 Drive to airport