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The GSA Treasurer, also referred to as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), serves as a link between the GSA and the Student Activities Business Office (located in the Student Union). The CFO is required to attend a financial training session (SOLID Training) for organization officers through the Student Activities Business Office before they are able to carry out their duties. Visit the SOLID website for info on training requirements and schedules for the required workshop.

General Responsibilities of a CFO include:

  • Signing reimbursement check requests for members of the organization
  • Maintaining backup files of all the organization's transactions (Business Office issued Financial Notebook and Receipts)
  • Submitting Financial Statements to the Business Office via email

Specific Responsibilities of a EEB GSA CFO:

  • Keeping track of expenses (Ex. food for GSA organized meetings) and income (Ex. EEB t-shirt sales) for the association.