GSA Minutes 2008-03-27

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GSA Meeting Minutes
27 March 2008

Food: Giannelli’s pizza (near 4 corners, they deliver) served on our official GSA reusable lime green plates

Attendance: 18

Called to order at 4:05pm

Treasurer's Report

Kat Shaw reported that we made $586.98 on tote-bags, $100 of which was being refunded to our NEEC account. She also mentioned that there are still totebags to buy, and you can add your name to the t - shirt list, when we get enough names, we will order more.

GSS Announcements

Nic Tippery read GSS announcements, you can email him if you want to copy of the announcements.


Jane O’Donnell is taking a disaster preparatory class, so we will be prepared for a disaster

Evening Seminar

Next one is Monday April 28, 2008
Given by Roberta Engel hosted by Elizabeth Jockusch
The last one was by Amanda Wendt, and it went great! We are looking for someone to speak in early September next year.

Center for Conservation and Biodiversity

Trina Bayard reported that the faculty basically ignored our request that the grants applications be due earlier so that they could be disbursed earlier.

Welcome Committee

Tsitsi McPherson emailed the welcome package to Eric Schultz. The possibility of giving incoming students a totebag or t-shirt, was discussed, but no consensus was reached

Green Grads

Karolina Fucikova Reported that they are independent of the GSA, Maxi Polihronakis is organizing earth day – going to middle schools and taking kids on environmental walks. There are 50 kids, and she is hoping to break them into as small groups as possible Send her an email if you are interested. We also have a new compost bin in the grad lounge, and we got a donation from Eric Schultz of plates. Leah BW mentioned the ecohusky 5000 with the proceeds going to the green campus fund. There was also a sustainable energy symposium, and there will be an earthday fashion show, and recycled art will be on display in the Benton.

Biology Club

Tobias Landberg liaises to this club for undergraduates in EEB, which has a facebook page. There, you can advertise to maybe get an undergrad to work with you.

Special Agenda - Grad Invited Speaker

Thursday, April 3, 2008
Speaker: Maureen Donnelly from FIU -- helps run herpetology class at OTS
Voting for next years' speaker also happened at the same time, stay tuned for who that might be.

Special Agenda - Crawdad Party

Tsitsi McPherson introduced the agenda.
We decided that we would have it (17-0-1)
It will be on May 2 (9-5)
Crawfish will be served (9-3)
GSA will fund part of it (13-0)
There will be veg/non crawfish food.

Meeting adjourned at 5:09 pm.