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EEB students and faculty who are interested in contributing to EEBedia and maintaining or updating articles are invited to meet with the EEBedia Group. Currently the group meets on Mondays at 9am in the 3rd floor Biopharm "fishbowl".

We hope to systematically update the site and ensure that all major issues relevant to EEB grad students are thoroughly covered. These include but are not limited to scheduling, funding, and extracurricular events.

Topics in need of better coverage can be suggested below. Topics with red links have not been covered at all, and any contributed information would be helpful. Contributed digital photos relevant to EEBedia pages are welcome also.

EEBedia Work In Progress

Questions for P.L. and K.T.

Interaction between EEBedia and EEB page

  • How will EEBedia be integrated into Dept. page?
  • Timeline
  • Links between
    • From EEBedia to EEB - simple URL link
    • From EEB to EEBedia - need to get P.L. to create link
      • Links need some permanence/design

Grad student maintenance of EEBedia

  • Tack on to job description of "computer guru"?
  • GSA position?

Information tied to database - What could be ported to EEBedia?

  • Personnel info - to EEBedia
    • +: People can edit their own pages
    • -: Contact info will no longer be tied to database
  • Course catalog - remain on EEB
    • Course web pages may continue to migrate to EEBedia
  • EEB publications - to EEBedia
    • (Same + and - as personnel)
  • Department seminar - to EEBedia
    • Link from EEB page to seminar sign-up sheet

How this affects K.T.

  • More and more faculty and students will update their own information
  • K.T. will continue to do some tasks (e.g., post publications, update contact info) for faculty who ask, only now on EEBedia
    • +: e.g., with publications, will be able to cut and paste
    • Concerns about editing EEBedia pages?

Who maintains what

EEBedia To-do List