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Welcome to EEB's logo design page! This is the place to submit your artwork so that it may become the next fashionable EEB merchandise design...

To add your own image, follow these steps:

  • Create an image the width and height of which are both 125 pixels. Your logo will look better if it has a transparent background (which means you will need to use either gif or png format; jpg doesn't allow transparency).
  • Get an EEBedia account if you don't already have one (you need an account in order to submit your image)
  • Upload your image using the Upload file link in the toolbox section to your left
  • Return to this page and edit it, adding your entry after the others. The first entry shows a template logo. You can copy and modify this text to add your image to the gallery.
  • Note: Some colors are distorted in the thumbnail pictures below. Click on each image to see the most accurate representation.


Enter your artwork into the EEB 2009 Logo Contest for either T-shirts or glasses (or enter your artwork for both!).
Please upload your design by 3/15/09
Contact Kat Shaw ( with any questions or comments about submissions.


Feel free to nominate a design from a previous year by entering it into the current design submissions....