EEB BS/MS research experiences - past examples

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Invasive grass competition.

Last semester, I began my research on invasive grass competition with Stacey Leicht in John Silander's lab. Our experiment examined competition between the native grass Muhlenbergia and the invasive grass Microstegium. We collected data on height, density of pots and reproductive output of the plants. I began this semester by finishing collecting the seed weight data from our plants and I have recently completed entering the data. For the remainder of this semester I will be analyzing the data and preparing to write the research paper with Stacey.

Effects of fire on tortoise nesting.

My research project examined the effects of fire on Gopher Tortoises. I had to plan, develop, and follow through on my own experiments and data collection under the supervision of my lab head. I spent long hours in the field surveying and recording tortoise burrows in multiple plots of different fire history. At the end of the internship I was required to give a seminar/ presentation to the station explaining my experiment and results. Now I am working on writing up my findings to publish in a relevant journal sometime next year.

Effects of human disturbance on heron nesting.

My research experience involves the work I did at The Audubon Society. I did field work on the egret and heron rookery off the coast of Greenwich looking at nesting success rates and whether or not the public influenced their success.