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Environmental Education in Wyoming.

"This past summer I participated in an Environmental Education internship at the Teton Science School (TSS) in Jackson Hole, WY. I spent 12 weeks at TSS and I was involved in all aspects of their small community. My primary responsibility was team teaching the Teton Junior Science School which is a weekly summer day camp for children entering grades 1-8. In addition to teaching, I also had residential duties for girls participating in the middle and high school residential programs offered by TSS. I also hosted and participated in adult ecology seminars. Due to the nature of the community, I also had kitchen and other cleaning duties. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at TSS and I think it was very beneficial for me to be involved in so many aspects of the operation of this non-proft organization. I completed my internship feeling very confident in my abilities as a field instructor in environmental education."

Tortoise research in Florida.

"I spent the summer in South Central Florida at Archbold Biological Station in the Vertebrate Lab. My internship consisted of spending aproximately 20hrs per week working for my lab head, and 20hrs per week working on my own independent research project. Most of my actual work consisted of checking bucket traps and assisting with Earthwatch volunteers. I was outside most of the day. Archbold paid me a weekly stipend and provided me with room and board. Field vehicals and ATVs were provided for my use at anytime (fun!). This was a serious hands on research internship."

Working for The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut.

"For my internship I volunteered at The Nature Conservancy for about 8 months working on various projects such as creating invasive plant fact cards, mapping out preserve boundaries, and helping out with other invasive work. Following that work, TNC hired me to keep watch over the piping plovers and least terns at Griswold Point. Duties included educating the public, keeping an eye out on the birds so we knew where they were nesting and when to put up the exclosure, and making sure the local teens didn't trash the place (my personal favorite) and if they did, cleaning up afterwards."