EEB 5370: big questions in cons bio (Spring 2020)

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This year focused on reading papers that aim to identify the most important topics in the field of conservation. These papers fall into two categories: (1) formal assessments to identify the top questions, conducted by canvassing scientists and practitioners in the field, and (2) horizon scanning efforts to try to predict what questions will become important before they do. In addition to looking at the results of these efforts, we read papers that describe the methods used to do these assessments, and those that have evaluated how influential the assessments have been.

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Week Who Topic Reading Notes
27 Jan Chris E. Introduction
3 Feb Claire Early prioritizations
10 Feb Kayla Horizon scanning
17 Feb Jessica Extracting information from experts
24 Feb Lucas Delphi technique Supplemental reading on focus groups: Nyumba et al. 2017
2 Mar Laura Influencing policy
9 Mar Eliza US priorities
16 Mar ---- SPRING BREAK ---- Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources
23 Mar Hannah Broad patterns Collate questions
30 Mar Ben Does scanning work?
6 Apr Amanda Q & A with Erica Fleishman
  • Prepare and organize questions in advance
Propose horizons for next week
13 Apr Sam Discuss your horizon issues
  • Present your horizon suggestions
Rank horizons for next week
20 Apr Jackie Rank and discuss responses to survey questions
  • Review scoring of horizon topics
  • Review responses from questions survey
27 Apr Everyone Revisit survey and wrap up
4 May Anyone who's interested Plans for next CCNR??? Optional