EEB 5370: IUCN Red and Green Lists

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This year, we focused on reading papers that examine the practice of conservation through the lens of the IUCN Red and Green Lists. We discussed methods for assessing species extinction risk and recovery, and for translating IUCN methods to site protection.

Week Who Topic Reading Notes
19 Jan Chris E. Introduction Have a quick look over these IUCN web site(s):
26 Jan Nick Red List of Threatened Species: history & methods
2 Feb Jess Red List assessments
9 Feb Anne Uses of the Red List 1. Look over these papers: 2. Think about other ways in which the Red List might be used
16 Feb Frank Green Status of Species: Theory 1. Read this short news piece: <a href="">Ogden 2019</a>

2. Read <a href="">Akçakaya et al. 2018</a>

3. Review the <a href="">Green Status web site</a>
23 Feb Franco Green Status of Species: Assessing range Read:

- <a href="">Sanderson 2019</a> (defining historical ranges)

- <a href="">Stephenson et al. 2019a</a> (response to Sanderson)

- <a href="">Grace et al. 2019</a> (use of historical range data)
2 Mar Sam Green Status of Species: Assessing function Read:

<a href="">- Akçakaya et al. 2019</a>

<a href="">- Stephenson et al. 2019b</a>
9 Mar Vidya Red List of Ecosystems: Theory 1. Read: <a href="">Keith et al. 2013</a> 2. Review the <a href="">RLE web site</a>
16 Mar Mia Red List of Ecosystems: Application 1. Read: <a href="">Keith et al. 2015</a>

2. Read one of these carefully, skim the other:

- <a href="">Murray et al. 2020</a> (terrestrial systems in Myanmar)

- <a href="">Sievers et al. 2020</a> (coastal systems in Australia)
23 Mar Ben Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas 1. Read:

<a href="">- Wells et al. 2016</a>

<a href="">- Hockings et al. 2019</a> (read only pp. 57-65)

2. Review the <a href="">GLPCA web site</a>
30 Mar Danielle Putting it all in practice ...
6 Apr Cindy Putting it all in practice ...
20 Apr Doug Putting it all in practice ...
27 Apr Everyone Looking to the future Read: