EEB 5370: Conservation planning (Spring 2017)

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This year, the topic will be conservation risk assessment. We will read a variety of articles on all aspects of risk assessment, from problem identification to the use of models to guide policy. During the second half of the course we will also examine a range of case studies.

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Week Who Topic Reading Notes
23 Jan Chris E. Introduction
30 Jan Mauri Which risks? Engaging stakeholders
6 Feb Michael Which risks? Horizon scanning
13 Feb Cynthia & Sarah Conceptualizing problems
20 Feb Carolyn Open standards in practice
27 Feb Olivia Gathering information from experts Other papers considered:
6 Mar Chris N Modelling risk
13 Mar ---- SPRING BREAK ---- <a class="external text" href="" rel="nofollow">Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources</a>
20 Mar Eileen Extinction risk <a href="">IUCN Red List criteria</a>
27 Mar Andrew Fire risk
3 Apr Anna Disease risk
10 Apr Genevieve Invasion risk
17 Apr Sam Sea-level rise risk
24 Apr Chris E What have we learned?
1 May Optional/make-up