EEB 5370: Conservation planning (Spring 2016)

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This year, the topic will be systematic conservation planning. We will read a new book on the topic as background material (Conservation planning: Informed decisions for a healthier planet by Groves and Game) supplemented each week with peer-reviewed articles.

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Week Who Topic Reading Notes
25 Jan Chris E. & Brian Introduction <a href="">Margules & Pressey </a> <a href="">2000</a><a href="">Pressey 2002</a>
1 Feb Brian, Chris F., Chris E. Conservation planning examples Chapters 1-3
15 Feb Shareef Goals & priorities <a href="">Game et al. 2012 </a>

<a href="">Meir et al. 2004</a>

Chapter 4
22 Feb Andrew Triage <a href="">Botrill et al. 2008 </a> <a href="">Fuller et al. 2010</a>
29 Feb Melissa Tools <a href="">Sarkar et al. 2006 </a> Chapter 7
7 Mar Brian MARXAN Chapters 5 & 6
14 Mar ---- NO MEETING: SPRING BREAK ---- <a class="external text" href="" rel="nofollow">Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources</a>
28 Mar Mauri Incorporating economics <a href="">Naidoo et al. 2006</a>

<a href="">Withey et al. 2012</a>

<a href="">Duke et al. 2013</a>
4 Apr Amanda Dealing with uncertainty <a href="">Lechner et al. 2014 </a> Chapter 8
11 Apr Ellie Climate change <a href="">Groves et al. 2012 </a><a href=""> </a>

<a href="">Heller et al. 2015</a>

Chapter 9
18 Apr Chris F Case study: coastal planning Field et al.
25 Apr Genevieve Ecosystem services <a href="">Naidoo et al. 2008 </a>

<a href="">Arkema et al. 2015</a>

Chapter 10
2 May Manette Chris & Brian Case study: Marine Protected Area network What have we learned <a href="">Gleason et al. 2013</a> Chapters 11 & 12 May run >1 hour to make up for snow day