EEB 5370: Climate change and extinction (Spring 2014)

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This year, the topic will be climate change and extinction. The main text for the course will be Saving a Million Species: Extinction Risk from Climate Change (Hannah, ed. 2011. Island Press).

Week Who Topic Reading Notes
22 Jan Chris E. The history Thomas et al. 2004 plus "3 Communications arising"
29 Jan Emma The fall out Preface, Ch 1-3 Questions
5 Feb --- SNOW DAY
12 Feb Chris F. Refining extinction estimates Ch 4-5
19 Feb Nicole Current extinctions Ch 6-8 Questions
26 Feb Katie Extinctions in distant past Ch 9-10 Questions
5 Mar Besnik Extinctions in recent past Ch 11-12 Questions
12 Mar Ben Insects Ch 13, Case study (Breed et al. 2013 Nature Climate Change 3:142–145) Questions
19 Mar ---- NO MEETING: SPRING BREAK ---- Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources
26 Mar Dan Tropical forest systems Ch 14, Case study (Malhi et al. 2008 Science) Questions
2 Apr Allison & Sam Coral reef systems Ch 15, Case study (Anthony et al. 2008 PNAS} Questions
9 Apr Pancho Oceanic (non-reef) systems Ch 16, Case study (Garcia et al. 2007 PNAS)
16 Apr Cristina Freshwater systems Ch 17, Case study (McMenamin et al. 2008 PNAS) Questions
23 Apr Manette Species interactions Ch 18, Case study (Burkle et al. 2013 Science)
30 Apr Hayley What's the latest? IPCC report Will depend on info has been released (maybe combine with wrap-up?)
7 May ?? Chris E. et al. Wrap-up: What have we learned? Ch 19-20 schedule may change