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Chapter and page references below refer to Futuyma, Evolution.

Jan 19 Introduction to the Geological Time Scale; the Fossil Record

Pdficon small.gifSyllabus

Pdficon small.gifGeological Time Scale

Ch. 4 (73-77)
Jan 21 Life in the Precambrian; evolution of the Metazoa Ch. 5 (101-108)
Jan 26 Cambrian explosion & Life in the Paleozoic Ch. 5 (108-115)
Jan 28 Life in the Mesozoic Ch. 5 (115-121)
Feb 2 Life in the Cenozoic Ch. 5 (121-131)
Feb 4 Evolution of primates Ch. 4 (88-91)
Feb 9 Evolution of biodiversity & extinction (guest lecture: R. Prunier) Ch. 7
Feb 11 Exam 1 Covering material from January 19th through February 4th
Feb 16 Characters, homology & homoplasy Ch. 3
Feb 18 Systematics & reconstructing evolutionary history Ch. 2
Feb 23 Evolution and development Ch. 21
Feb 25 Biogeography & major patterns of distribution Ch. 6
Mar 2 Continental Drift & Historical Biogeography Ch. 6
Mar 4 Exam 2 Covering material from February 9th through March 2nd
Mar 9 Spring break
Mar 11 Spring break
Mar 16 Genetic variation

Pdficon small.gifNotes on Hardy-Weinberg calculations

Ch. 9 (pp. 215-232)
Mar 18 Genetic drift

Simulation of genetic drift

Ch. 10
Mar 23 Migration and non-random mating

Genetic drift and migration
Pdficon small.gifNotes on migration

Ch. 9 (pp. 241-254)
Mar 25 Natural selection and adaptation

More information on natural selection in the peppered moth (Biston betularia)

Ch. 11
Mar 30 The genetics of natural selection

Pdficon small.gifNotes on genetics of natural selection
Natural selection
Mean fitness of populations
Natural selection and genetic drift

Ch. 12
Apr 1 Examples of natural selection Ch. 11
Apr 6 Exam #3 Covering material from March 16th through April 1st
Apr 8 Evolution of phenotypic traits

"Birth defects, jimson weed, and bell curves," by James F. Crow

Ch. 9 (pp. 236-241), Ch. 13
Apr 13 Sex and evolution

Birds of paradise
Australian bower bird

Ch. 15
Apr 15 Evolution of behavior Ch. 16
Apr 20 Ecotypes and adaptive variation

Supplemental readings for April 20
Genetic structure of human populations
Ecotypic Divergence in Alpine Polemonium viscosum: Genetic Structure, Quantitative Variation, and Local Adaptation

Apr 22 Species and speciation (guest lecture: R. Prunier) Ch. 17
Apr 27 Speciation mechanisms

"Ring species" in Ensatina (California salamanders)

Ch. 18
Apr 29 Evolution and society

Final words of On the origin of species, by Charles Darwin
Evolution rap

Ch. 23
May 6
Exam #4

IMPORTANT Exam #4 will be given in the BioPharm building NOT in our usual lecture room.
Rooms: BPB 129 and 131

Covering material from April 8th through April 29th

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