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EEB 3265/5265 Herpetology
Spring 2011
Lecture Meeting Time: Mondays and Wednesdays, 11:00 - 11:50 in TLS181
Lab Meeting Time: Mondays 1:00 - 5:00 in TLS181
Textbook: Pough F. H., et al. 2004. Herpetology 3rd Edition. PearsonPrentice Hall.
Additional readings will be assigned from the primary journal literature.


Dr. Kentwood Wells
Office: Torrey Life Sciences Building 312
Phone: (860) 486-4319
Office hours: by appointment

Elizabeth Timpe (Teaching Assistant)
Office: Biology/Pharmacy 322
Phone: (860) 486-6215
Office hours: Wednesdays 9:30 - 10:45, and by appointment

Lecture and Lab Schedule & Materials

Date Lecture Topic Readings Lab Supplemental materials
Jan 19 Amphibians: Diversity and Morphological Evolution Ch. 2, 3, 10
Jan 24 Reptiles: Diversity and Morphological Evolution Ch. 4, 10, 11 Caecilian and Salamander Taxonomy
Jan 26 Amphibian Skin and Water Relations Ch. 6
Jan 31 Amphibian Excretion and Osmoregulation Ch. 6 Salamander Taxonomy; Video: Amphibians
Feb 2 Reptile Water Relations Ch. 6
Feb 7 Behavioral Thermoregulation in Reptiles Ch. 6 Frog Taxonomy
Feb 9 Amphibian Thermoregulation and Freeze Tolerance Ch. 6
Feb 14 Physiological Temperature Adjustments Ch. 6 Frog Taxonomy; Video: Cane Toads
Feb 16 Gas Transport and Metabolism in Amphibians Ch. 7
Feb 21 Respiration and Circulation in Reptiles Ch. 7 Turtles and Crocodilians; Amphibian Review; Video: Crocodiles & Alligators, Turtles
Feb 23 Active Metabolism of Amphibians Ch. 7
Feb 28 Reptile Metabolism, Energetics, and Diet Ch. 7 FIRST LAB PRACTICAL (Amphibians)
Mar 2 Energy Budgets and Energy Allocation Ch. 7
Mar 9 SPRING BREAK ----------
Mar 14 Amphibian Reproductive Modes Ch. 8 Lizard Taxonomy
Mar 16 Biology of Amphibian Larvae Ch. 8, 11
Mar 21 Ecological Aspects of Amphibian Metamorphosis Ch. 8 Lizard Taxonomy; Video: Lizards
Mar 23 Reptile Eggs and the Evolution of Viviparity Ch. 9
Mar 28 Reptile Life History Strategies Ch. 9 Snake Taxonomy
Mar 30 Communication and Mating Systems of Salamanders Ch. 13, 14
Apr 4 Frog Vocal Communication: Behavioral Aspects Ch. 13 Snake Taxonomy; Evolution of Snake Dentition
Apr 6 Frog Vocal Communication: Call Production and Reception Ch. 13
Apr 11 Mating Systems and Sexual Selection in Anurans Ch. 14 Reptile Review; Video: Snakes
Apr 13 Modes of Communication in Squamate Reptiles Ch. 13
Apr 18 Mating Systems and Sexual Selection in Squamates Ch. 14 SECOND LAB PRACTICAL (Reptiles)
Apr 20 Social Behavior and Communication in other Reptiles Ch. 13, 14
Apr 25 Ecology of Terrestrial Amphibian and Reptile Communities Ch. 15, 16 Field Trip (Yale Forest)
Apr 27 Competition and Predation in Aquatic Amphibian Communities Ch. 15, 16
May 4 FINAL EXAM ----------

Course Information

Field Trips:
There will be a scheduled field trip to the Yale Forest during lab time Monday, April 25th. There will be additional evening field trips once the weather is warm enough. We will begin evening field trips as soon as the first amphibians start breeding, which could be as early as late March. Many of these will be arranged on short notice. We will try to do enough of these so that everyone has a chance to get out in the field a few times.

Additional Resources

Herps in the News

Jan 14, 2011: Frog hitches ride on snake during Queensland flooding