Conservation trade-offs (EEB 5370: Spring 2012)

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This year, the topic will be trade-offs in conservation. Given the many competing priorities and limited resources that managers face, effectively addressing this topic is perhaps the single biggest challenge facing conservation biologists. We will read and discuss the book Trade-offs in Conservation: Deciding What to Save (Leader-Williams et al. 2010, Wiley-Blackwell), which addresses this topic from a diversity of perspectives (authors include those with backgrounds in economics, anthropology, the law, etc., as well as ecologists).


Week Who Topic Reading Notes
23 Jan Chris E. What to save? Ch 1
30 Jan Chris F. Setting priorities Ch 2 questions to think about
6 Feb Identifying global priority areas Ch 3
13 Feb Heidi Ecosystem services and human well-being Ch 4
20 Feb Chris Field Defining & measuring success Ch 5
27 Feb Kasey What matters? Inverts and Animal Welfare Ch 6,7
5 Mar Katie Protection, use, sustainability Ch 8,13
12 Mar ---- NO MEETING: SPRING BREAK ---- Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources
19 Mar Marilyn Poverty and human conflict Ch 9,14
26 Mar Ben Funding conservation Ch 11,12
2 Apr Manette Knowing vs doing Ch 15,16
9 Apr Nikisha Traditions and politics Ch 10,17
16 Apr Manette Drivers of change Ch 18, 19
23 Apr Chris E. Conclusions Ch 20