Center for Conservation and Biodiversity Research Awards

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Application Deadline: Friday 11 April, 2008

The Center has funds to aid undergraduate and graduate research in biodiversity and conservation biology. Students enrolled full time at the University are eligible. The Center will make 3 or 4 awards of up to $500 for activities linked to a student's research efforts, e.g., to travel to field sites, pay field station fees, pay course fees, visit collections, purchase supplies or equipment, or present results at a meeting or conference.

Undergraduate applications should be limited to a single page and include the names of two or three referees, two of which must be University of Connecticut employees. Graduate proposals should be no more than two pages. The first page should describe the research and detail how the award will be used; the second should briefly review academic and research progress, provide information on other funds that you have requested or received in 2007 and 2008 (from the Department, University, or outside sources), and provide the names of two referees. Requests should identify how the funds will be used. Students will be notified in writing after the committee has made its decision.

Funds must be used within one year (on or before December 31, 2008). Any funds remaining after that date will be returned to the Center.

Award winners will be required to submit a brief article summarizing how the award was used and their research progress for publication in the Center newsletter/website.

Recipients will be encourged to spend a few hours engaged in some form of public outreach/environmental education either relating to their project or some other aspect of conservation and/or environmental activity on behalf of the Center.

Students that have received Center grants in previous years are encouraged to reapply; however, these applications will receive lower priority.

Any thesis, publication, or talk aided by these grants should include mention of the Center's support.

Submit your requests electronically to