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Let's give this a try!

Here's where we can post the list of journals that we currently read. Feel free to sign up for a journal to track, or add another journal to the list. You can add links in the last column, and keep them posted until you replace them with a new link.

Journal Title Tracker
American Naturalist
Am. Mosquito Control Assoc. Jason Hill
Animal Conservation
Animal Ecology
Applied Ecology Chris Elphick
Avian Biology Diego
Avian Medicine and Surgery Jason Hill
Auk Everyone (hopefully)
Biological Conservation
Conservation Biology
Current Biology Chris Elphick
Ecological Applications
Ecology Tanner Steeves
Ecology Letters Jason Hill
Experimental Biology Diego
Ibis Chris Elphick
Nature Chris Elphick
Northeast Naturalist Jason Hill
Ornithological Science Jason Hill
PNAS Jason Hill
Proc. Roy. Soc. Biological Sci Chris Elphick
Science Magazine Chris Elphick
Waterbirds Chris Elphick
Wildlife Biology Jason Hill
Wildlife Management Jason Hill
Wilson Bulletin

If this doesn't work out then no big loss. If it turns you on to one or two new articles then it's worth it.

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