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Brood VII (17-year)

The Onondaga Brood

Brood VII contains only M. septendecim and is currently found only on the Onondaga Nation in upstate New York. Populations near Rochester seem well documented, and several collections exist from Great Gully populations. However, the brood appears to be contracting. For more information see: (Cooley et al. 2004; Pechumen 1968; Pechumen 1984).

The map above was generated from positive records in the Cicada Central Database on 31 December 2010. The database is not exhaustive, and this map is intended to portray only an approximate, present-day distribution.
The map below is based on previously published maps (Marlatt 1923; Simon 1988) and unpublished data. However, it has not been field checked, and it does not portray historical reports of brood emergences. A project is currently underway to make new maps of periodical cicada broods. See the Magicicada mapping project homepage.

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