Willig Lab Alumni
Over 20 graduate students have finished degrees in the Willig Lab. In addition, over 20 undergraduate students have conducted research with Dr. Willig as part of their Bachelor's Degree. Eleven post-doctoral fellows have been in residence in the Willig lab as well.  To learn more about the previous students and post-doctoral fellows, including information on their research projects and current location, click on the names below (where possible).
Graduate Students & Post-Doctoral Fellows

Masters Degree

Javier Alvarez
Lily Arias
Debbie Bean
Matthew Brandt
John Cary
Randy Colbert
Michael Cramer
Brian Croyle
Kathryne Durant
Paulo Marcos Gorresen
Carla Guthrie
Dianne Hall
David Herrmann
Kelly Johnson
Dawn Kaufman
Brian Klingbeil
Ozlen Konu
Debbie Kyrouac
Jeffrey Law
Kate Lyons
Jean-Luc Plant
Elizabeth Sandlin
Michele Secrest
Alec Shaner
Richard Stevens
Donald Yee

Doctoral Degree

Javier Alvarez
Christopher Bloch
Gerardo Camilo
Laura Cisneros
Stephen Cox
Michael Gannon
Dianne Hall
Brian Klingbeil
Steven Presley
Jeffrey Roberts
Anna Sjodin
Richard Stevens


Post-Doctoral Fellows

Michael Gannon
Ivan Castro-Arellano
Gerardo Camilo
David Chalcraft
Stephen Cox
M. Monica Diaz
Morgan Ernest
Donald Gettinger
Heather Vance-Chalcraft
Craig Zimmermann