Proposed papers for Willig Lab Seminar - Spring 2011


24 February 2011

No seminar

3 March 2011

Third round of disturbance ecology presentations and discussion of Östman 2011

10 March 2011

No seminar

17 March 2011

No seminar

24 March 2011

Continued discussion of Östman 2011.

31 March 2011

Laura's presentation of Krauss et al

7 April 2011

No seminar

14 April 2011

Andre's presentation of Steffan and Synder

21 April 2011

Brian's presentation of Nichols et al

28 April 2011

Steve's presentation of Welsh and Hodgson. PDF



Papers Selected for Presentation

Krauss, J. et al. 2010. Habitat fragmentation causes immediate and time-delayed biodiversity loss at different trophic levels. Ecology Letters 13: 597-605.(Cisneros presenting)

Steffan, S.A. and Snyder, W.E. 2010. Cascading diversity effects transmitted exclusively by behavioral interactions. Ecology 91: 2242-2252.(Felton presenting)

Nichols, J.D. et al. 2008. Multi-scale occupancy estimation and modelling using multiple detection methods. Journal of Applied Ecology 45: 1321-1329.(Klingbeil presenting)

Welsh, H.H. and Hodgson, G.R. 2011. Spatial relationships in a dendritic network: the herpetofaunal metacommunity of the Mattole River catchment of northwest California. Ecography doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2010.06123.x.(Presley presenting)