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University of Connecticut Mark Urban
Eco-Evolution in Space

Prospective Students

A Note for Prospective Students

I look for students who are self-motivated and naturally curious. Although I encourage independent projects, I also look to collaborate with my students. Therefore, students should have interests that are aligned with mine. Although not wedded to any system, I encourage students to consider work in aquatic communities and to explore questions at the interface between ecology and evolution, an area where I am best able to provide assistance.

I look for students with an insightful, creative, novel research idea, a proven research aptitude (e.g., published papers), high GPA (> 3.5), and excellent GRE scores (85th percentiles or better). A Masters is desirable, but not necessary.

About UConn and Storrs

In my mind, UConn combines the advantages of a large university (lots of resources, diverse students, and cultural opportunities) with the advantages of a friendly small town. UConn is located in The Quiet Corner of New England, the last remaining Green area along the coastal corridor between Washington, D.C. and Boston. I consider northeastern Connecticut to be a remnant of true New England, meaning a place that still has small towns with greens, large tracts of deciduous forest, family farms, and friendly people.

Storrs and the surrounding area has many opportunities for outdoor recreational activities: the area abounds with hiking, skiing, and mountain biking trails. More vertical hiking, camping, skiing, and climbing can be found in the not-too-distant Green and White Mountains. Despite the rural character of the area, Boston, Providence, and New York City are easy day trips.