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University of Connecticut Mark Urban
Eco-Evolution in Space

Science Outreach


  • Jessie Rack, PhD candiate, blogs about the interface between science and language.
  • Heidi Golden, PhD candidate, is blogging about the impacts of climate change on Arctic grayling (a type of fish).

Presentation/Workshop Events

  • Children's Community School - Waterbury
    Jessie Rack spoke to a 1st grade class about amphibians and reptiles.
  • Connecticut State Museum of Natural History - "The Living Mysteries in UConn's Swan Lake"
    Mark Urban led a group of adventurers exploring aquatic life in UConn's Swan Lake.
  • Yale Forests - Summer Seminar Series
    Jonathan Richardson gave a seminar on vernal pool amphibians at the Yale-Myers Forest in Eastford.
  • Franklin Elementary School
    Nicole Freidenfelds gave a presentation about forest food webs to 4th graders at the school in North Franklin.
  • Joshua's Trust Program - "Surviving Winter"
    Jessie Rack and Michael Hutson (graduate students) and Christine Taylor (undergraduate student) provided demonstrations on wildlife adaptations to winter at the Joshua's Trust land in Windham Center.

Science Fairs

Lesson Plans

We've designed lesson plans for junior and high school science classes.

Jessie Rack and Michael Hutson participate in the Joshua's Trust Program on Surviving Winter

Mark Urban identifies aquatic organisms in UConn's Swan Lake

Nicole Freidenfelds demonstrates food web interactions at Franklin Elementary School