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Mark Urban

Eco-Evolution In Space

We study the ecological mechanisms that shape natural communities across multiple spatial scales


February 2021
Mark Urban Named First Arden Chair of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

February 2020
Mark's editorial 'Life without ice' was published in Science.

November 2018
Mark's commentary on the escalator to extinction published in PNAS

October 2018
Refugia Research Coalition features Mark's Vernal Pool research

December 2017
Mark's call to action for species conservation as climates change published in The Guardian.

September 2017
Fishscape's arctic research was highlighted in the science section of Alaska Dispatch News.

August 2017
Mark was interviewed in a Science article on how just 1°C of ocean warming can upend marine ecosystems.

January 2017
Andy Gonzalez discusses our findings on climate change extinctions at Davos World Economic Forum.

November 2016
Aasif Mandvi highlights our research on climate change extinctions in the documentary 'Years of Living Dangerously' (Season 2: Episode 6)

September 2016
Mark Urban has a guest post on CarbonBrief pertaining to his most recent paper in Science.

September 2016
Mark Urban was interviewed on WNPR about the need for species-specific data to predict species responses to climate change.

September 2016
Mark Urban and colleagues call for a global plan to collect the data needed to forecast species responses to climate change.

March 2016
Mark Urban is guest on NECN talking about climate change and how it is pushing animals to the brink of extinction.

April 2016
Mark Urban introduces the Heat Age at TEDxUConn.

March 2016
Mark and Jonathan received the 2016 Presidential Award for the best paper published in The American Naturalist during the preceding calendar year.

February 2016
Mark and Linda Deegan published an op-ed piece in the NY Times about the warmest spring on record in the Arctic.

February 2016
Our Science paper was included as number 15 in Discover's top 100 science news stories from 2015.

February 2016
Mark talked about climate change impacts on ecosystems at this year’s TEDx conference.

January 2016
See more about our research on climate responses of Alaskan fish in this UConn video: Climate Change: Predicting the Impact.

View an example of predator-prey interactions in the video below