Pre-Lab Discussion Haikus from Biology majors at Oregon State University

The newts cross in Spring
Unfortunately for them
The cars cross all year

Be cautious young frogs
Travel with the crossing guard
on your way to pool

Brave amphibian
risks it all to reach great orgy
or he dies trying

Raise the road please
to save the salamanders
So they can get laid

Help is on the way
Amphibians are safe now
Crossing roads at night

Help amphibians
Move them to off road safely
During migration

To the corridor
Walking, crawling, slithering
To the breeding ground

The amphibians
walking, crawling, slithering,
help me cross the road
by putting up signs and lights

Let's make a land bridge
Amphibians will migrate
Amphibians live

Save amphibians
Good for the environment
Close the roads in spring

Amphibians move
Their lives could be saved by us
Buid a nature bridge!

How should we fix this?
Create tunnels under roads
To keep them alive

The salamander
Under the road can crawl and
Find his home sweet home

We will put up signs
Pathways underneath the roads
We can carry them

Save amphibians
Show some courage to these guys
Put up caution signs