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University of Connecticut Mark Urban
Eco-Evolution in Space

How to Find My Office, My Lab, and Possibly Me

Directions to UConn

Take Rte. 84 to northern CT and get off at the UConn exit 68. Take a right (if coming from the South) or left (if coming from the North) onto Rte. 195 and drive 7 miles to campus, follow signs. Go straight through large intersection with gas station and CVS, climb hill past Mansfield Supply on right and through light at top of hill. You are now on campus. You will make a right onto N. Eagleville Road after descending from the top of the hill at the first light. My building (Pharmacy/Biology) is the green copper patina building attached to the back of Torrey Life Science.


Follow Eagleville road a few blocks to the next light where you will make a left. Follow the signs to park at the North Parking Garage. I'm just a few buildings back the way you came in the Biology/Pharmacy building, up Auditorium Drive from the parking garage.

Once in the Building

Go through main entrance with open windowed atrium, up central open-air stairs to 2nd floor. Turn toward the closed double doors (not toward the library). Doors are open during the day and not alarmed as signs might suggest. My lab (rooms 211 and 213) will be on the left if you need to find me in there. If you are going to my office, go through hallway of labs to next set of double doors. Pass the elevator, go to the end of the hall and turn right down a short hallway. My office is 200A and is on the right.